The VTMonster is a 77-mile, 9,000 vertical body pounding ride on dirt and gravel roads that will loosen your fillings and crush your legs.  There are some asphalt roads sprinkled in so that your fillings can reset themselves.  We suggest using your tongue to push them back in. 

New for 2020, we are psyched to offer a 50-mile option for those who are new to gravel, a little light on training or want to ride shorter but still see what they’ve got on this tough course. 

In addition to the original VTMonster course that makes your legs tingle and the shorter option, we’ve added two timed sections:

Miles 20 – 22: The Epic CCC climb – the one you love to hate. We thought we’d spice it up a little and time it just for fun. Come on, it’s only two miles.

Miles 49 – 54: The Long Grind – you know the one after the covered bridge back to Pierce’s General Store for rest stop #2, the one that just doesn’t seem to end? Yeah, that one.  We’re gonna time that too.

Check out the 2019 ride here. Details on the 2020 suffering to come.